Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Neighborhood Watch

Ever vigilant, these dogs are keeping our neighborhood safe!  Always on guard, they announce the arrival of every intruder on the street.  Well actually they aren't exactly intruders.  Some are just innocent people walking down the sidewalk, or standing in their own yards, but they have been warned!  These brave dogs are always on Neighborhood Watch, except when they are napping.  All that barking takes a lot out of a dog.

You will notice that the dog population in our house has doubled this week.  Our neighbor dogs, Frankie and Fannie have been visiting with us, while their human parents have been out of town.  My wonderful neighbors, Holly and Ken, took care of Chloe and Winnie when I went to Spain.  I am so grateful to have such good neighbors, and I have been especially grateful for the opportunity to get to know these two wonderful little dogs.  I have definitely fallen in love with them.

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