Saturday, March 11, 2017

Get Organized!

When I came down the stairs this morning, I was surprised to see the ground covered with snow.  A lot of it has melted now.  My only outing for the day was to walk to the end of the driveway to get the mail.  Instead of going out, I worked on some jobs here at home.

Jobs that involve decluttering and getting organized are on just about every "to do" list that I make.  While I make progress, I tend to get side tracked.  I often find a new project that I want to do, which involves, yarn, art supplies, or home improvement materials, which ultimately add to the clutter.  Today however was a victory!  Yesterday I went to Sam's Club to pick up some bins for organizing drawers. It turned out that they were on sale for half price, so I picked up some bins for the refrigerator as well.

It's amazing what you find pushed to the back of the refrigerator.  Some of it is unrecognizable. There are other items that you can't even identify how long they have been there.  I cleaned out the fridge, and organized everything into the new bins.  Any bets on how long I will be able to keep it that way?

I also cleaned out and organized drawers in the upstairs bathroom and my bedside table.  As well as sorting and shelving books in my office.  No pictures of that yet.  I have lots more to do up there.

During breaks I finished knitting this hat.  The pattern is called The Favorite Knit Slouchy.  The yarn is Malabrigo Rios.  The color is Solis.  I love, love, love knitting with Malabrigo.  The colors are fantastic, and the yarn feels so good.  I still need to block the hat, which will make the yarn even softer.

All in all, a really wonderful day at home.  I am grateful to have a warm and comfortable home, and today it is just a bit better organized.  For not having left the house, I am feeling pretty accomplished.

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