Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Winnie is a Camping Dog

Last weekend was Family Campout 2012.  This was Winnie's very first camping trip.  She loved it, so now she's a camping dog.

Lots of Zucchini

I saw lots of zucchini at the farmers market.  There were normal sized ones, and one giant one.

Fiber Art

I went to the Iowa Historical Building to see a Civil War exhibit.  We were just leaving when I saw this display of Fiber Art.  I really liked it.


I've been enjoying the farmers market in Ankeny.  This bread has always caught my eye, but I couldn't buy any.  I haven't had any bread since June.  I have been following the Blood Sugar Solution.  It's easy to follow;  no sugar, no flour, no processed foods, no alchohol, no caffeine, no dairy.  Just eat whatever is left after you cut those things out of your diet.

Heart Maps

We made Heart Maps in order to inspire us in our writing.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yard Dog

We have had such beautiful weather this weekend. Yesterday I worked out in the front yard.  I hooked Winnie up on a rope so she could be there with me.  She loved it!  After I was done working we sat out for a while, me with my Kindle and Winnie just watching the world go by.

Lisa and Colin

There was a family reunion last weekend.  Because of the triathlon, we did not get to the Burget reunion in Altoona.  Instead we had our own little Grandstaff reunion at my mom's house.  Jacci took these great photos of Lisa and Colin with her iPhone.

Lisa's Triathlon

I really got behind on my posts.  I haven't posted any photos since the state fair, but there has been lots going on.  We are back in school and last weekend Lisa and Colin were here.  Lisa participated in the Hy-Vee Triathlon.  She had done 4 triathlons before this, but this was the first Olympic length triathlon, so it was an even greater challenge.  Lisa is always up to the challenge, and she finished in great shape.  

The Hy-Vee Triathlon is comprised of a .9 mile swim in Gray's Lake, a 40 kilometer bike ride, and a 10 kilometer run, ending at the Iowa State Capital building.  

Colin was Lisa's support at Gray's Lake.  He helped her get set up and was able to watch her transitions.  He took all the great photos of the swim and and as she began her bike ride and run.

I was able to see Lisa four times during the competition.  I saw the bike ride portion of the race at the corner of Park and George Flagg Parkway.  The bikers rode all the way to Army Post Road and Fleur and looped back, so I got to see her twice, both coming and going.  From there I moved to Locust a few blocks from the capital.  Once again they were doing a loop so I got to see her run twice.  That's where I got the great shot near the end of her run.  

Great going, Lisa!  You did it!