Monday, January 23, 2017

Art Class

Today was the first day of my new art class at the Des Moines Art Center.  This semester I am taking a beginning drawing class.  This class was a work out!  We started out making quick drawings which we worked on for just a minute each.  From there we went to 5 minutes per drawing, and the last hour, we spent 15 minutes on each drawing.  It was great exercise for both my brain and body.

Last semester I took a class called Art for the Curious. For that class we did something different each week.  One week was ceramics, the next print making, mixed media, etc.  I definitely would like to explore mixed media, ceramics, and jewelry making further.  My print making and painting skills left a lot to be desired.  Drawing is the basis for pretty much everything, so I decided to learn more and develop my skills in this area first.  It is also the same instructor I had last semester.  She is a great teacher.

Being able to spend my morning in an art class is one of the great benefits of being semi-retired.  I still substitute teach, I still volunteer and tutor students, but I have time to take a class and learn things that I want to learn.  That is a great privilege and I am definitely enjoying it!