Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo #217/365: Watch Dog

Winnie has been here for a week now. There are many things we have learned about each other in that time. Two nights ago, Bailey and I learned that Winnie is afraid of thunderstorms. We were upstairs in the bedroom and she was very nervous and pacing the room. Finally I opened up the closet, and made a bed for her on the floor. She really liked it and she has been sleeping there every night since then.

Winnie may be small with short little legs, but she is determined. I was a little surprised when she climbed right over the back of the chair, so she could walk on the window sill. We have a bow window, so it is a wide sill. She was able to see everything that was going on in the neighborhood from there.

Best of all Winnie is a lover. She loves to climb on my lap, she loves to be petted. She also likes to give kisses, but I would rather that she didn't do that.

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