Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photo #210/365: The Reform Symposium Conference

For the second year in a row, I attended a three day conference with educators from around the world. For the opening keynote, I participated in a presentation from Finland with two Finnish educators. Next I learned about using technology in the teaching of literacy from an educator in England. I participated with 46 other educators in a session about iPads here in the United States. I got to hear one of my friends, Henrietta Miller, speak about providing professional development to colleagues about technology. She is a teacher in Sydney, Australia. I really enjoyed hearing the Couras brothers, who are Canadian educators, talk about collaboration.

I did all of this with out spending a dime, or leaving my house. The Reform Symposium or RSCON3 is an on-line conference. So I traveled there via computer, but I was able to comment, ask questions, hear their voices, see their whiteboard presentation, and in some cases, watch them present. It uses Elluminate. These two photos are screen shots of what I was able to see during parts of this presentation.

If you ever get a chance to do this, go for it! It is an incredible experience.

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