Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

It's the beginning of a new year.  This year I hope to do better with my photo a day.  In 2012 I returned to things I used to do in the past. I have become a dedicated knitter, and I did some sewing too.  I learned how to do both things when I was a kid, but had pretty much stopped both during recent years. I love the satisfaction of creating something.  I love the beauty of fabric and yarn.  All that knitting and sewing kind of pushed out my blogging, however.  During 2013, I hope to find time for both.

Today was the last day of our winter vacation.  Most of it I spent at home.  I made this pillow case today.  I purchased the fabric at the Dutchman's Store when I visited Nancy. I grew up camping, and I still enjoy it.  Every summer our family explored the United States and we camped along the way.  I have many special memories associated with camping, so this fabric really caught my eye.  I look forward to using this pillow case.


  1. Mom, that's a cool pillowcase.

  2. we camped all over the country too.. lots and lots of memories there. I shared some of that with my children, taking them camping too I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  3. I am so happy you are continuing with the photo blog!