Monday, June 27, 2016

Yard Art

This past weekend was the Des Moines Arts Festival.  The show downtown gets the most attention, and sometimes I go.  Artfest Midwest is held at the same time at the fairgrounds, and I always go to it.  One great advantage of Artfest Midwest is that it is here on the east side.  Another is that it is inside the Varied Industries Building and therefore air conditioned.  That was a big factor this year.  Temperatures were in the mid nineties.  The other thing that draws me there is the fact that there are more local and Midwestern artists at this event.  There are also items within my price range.

I like to buy pottery and yard art, and occasionally jewelry.  This is my newest piece of yard art.  This is steel art and I have a whole collection from this artist.  Every year, or just about every year, I add a new piece. These flowers will not wilt or die, guaranteed!

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