Sunday, March 25, 2012

Edcamp Omaha 2012

Saturday was an awesome day!  I got up early, hopped in the car, and drove to Omaha for Edcamp Omaha. This was the second year, and it was better than ever.  It was great seeing friends, and making new friends, face to face.  These are people I have talked to before via Twitter.  We were all there with the purpose of sharing, learning, and improving our teaching.  Many sessions were tech related, but others were not.  This conference is different than the traditional conference in that there is no pre-arranged agenda. Once you arrive, people sign up for the sessions they would like to present, then you just go where you want to do.  The first session I went to was about using iPads, iPods and apps in education.  The person who posted the topic, wanted to know about this subject.  I learned the most amazing things from the participants.

It was great seeing my friends, @BarbinNebraska and @KathyPerret.

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