Sunday, September 4, 2011

Photo #246: Good Bye Poem

I have been getting so many great ideas for school from other people on Pinterest.  We all know the first two lines of this fun poem, but our class has been learning lots of other lines that go with it.  It is our launch at the end of the day, and what a great way to end the day.

When I first saw the poem it was written on a chart tablet, then I saw it in fancy print.  That gave me the idea to use my Printshop Deluxe program to make my own version.  Then I had a larger version printed at Walgreens.

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  1. I love it. I'd like a copy with the next to last line changed to say - Our time together now ends - lol - because I'm not a teacher and school day doesn't work for me - have a good one - see you in the postings - E :)

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