Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo #164/365: Pinwheel

The weather lately has made if difficult to accomplish much in the way of yard work. As a Mother's Day present each year, I plant flowers in my mom's back yard. Often, like this year for instance, this doesn't get done until after school is out. Weather this year has either been 90 degrees or it's been chilly and rainy, or my schedule doesn't allow it. I finally shopped for and bought flowers on Sunday, but by the time I took them to Mom's house, it started to rain. Yesterday, since I didn't have to work, I planned to go over in the early afternoon. Around lunchtime the skies grew darker, and we had another thunderstorm. Finally I was able to do it last night.

This pinwheel is located in the flower bed at the back of her yard. She originally purchased it to take to the cemetery, but she was concerned it would disappear, so she placed it back here. I'm really glad she did, because I enjoy seeing it.

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