Monday, May 29, 2017

Change and New Possibilities

The new dog steps, and I would like to point out that those are dog toys on my bed.  

My bed is tall, and the dogs need steps to get up there.  The ones I had were only 16 inches tall, so I recently purchased a new, taller set.  The dogs were not too thrilled with this change, and it has taken them about three weeks to get used to them.  I've been frustrated with the new steps too, because they took up more space in my already crowded bedroom.

I was sitting in church yesterday, and I started thinking about a different room arrangement.  Sorry, Pastor Dave.  During the afternoon I rearranged the room, and I am thrilled with the new set up.  There is room for the steps, there is much more room to walk around and get dressed.  For the most part it is the same furniture, except making this change also made it possible to move our childhood dresser into my bedroom, which is something I absolutely cherish.  There's even room for a dog bed!

So why did it take me so long to make this change?  I have lived in this house for 16 years, and I have never rearranged my bedroom.  The way the movers placed the furniture when I moved in in 2001, was the way it stayed.  I complained that the bedrooms were small, and this was just the way it had to be.  I hadn't even considered changing things and exploring other possibilities.

It was a good wake up call to embrace the changes that come my way, and there are several changes in the air right now.  My sister recently moved to a new house near Dexter.  It is a beautiful house on a lake, and I am very happy for her, and yet it is farther away, so I have had tinges of sadness.  On the other hand, it is because they were downsizing, that she shared some wonderful pieces of furniture with me, like that cherished childhood dresser.  I also get to sit on their wonderful deck and gaze at the lake, or walk out on their dock.  Another bonus was that my niece and nephew came home to help with the move, so I got to see them as well.  This a great change for my sister and brother-in-law, and the whole family will benefit from these changes.

My niece and nephew taking a break from moving furniture and unpacking boxes.

I begin my new AmeriCorps tutoring job on Thursday.  I am excited about teaching summer school and working with the kids, most of whom I already know.  It is mostly familiar, because it is at Phillips.  It is a bigger time commitment, so I guess I am not really retired any more.  It will be a change to work all summer, but I am ready for this change.

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