Sunday, July 24, 2016

Killer Book Shelf

I think I am going to give up on home improvement projects. They are far too dangerous for me. I bought a new shelf with baskets out at Costco. I saw it last year, but when I finally decided to buy it, they were sold out. Then two weeks ago, I noticed they had them back in. I came home to measure the space to be sure it would fit, and went back on Monday to buy it.

I was really excited, because the price had been reduced by $25. There was a manufacturer's rebate. The problems began when we tried to load it into my car. I had three people helping me, but it would not fit in my little Ford Focus. I finally took the pieces out of the box, and managed to arrange them in the back of the car. Once home, I carried the pieces in the house, one by one, and piled them in the dining room.

I didn't get the shelf assembled immediately, because on Tuesday we had violent thunderstorms and heavy rain. My mom had a lightning strike and power surge at her house, which burned out her garage door opener, internet router, both televisions, her DirecTV box, air conditioner and furnace. I ended up with water in my basement. The week has been spent restoring and repairing appliances at my mom's house. I also had to cut up and remove all the carpet in my basement.

On Thursday, I was getting a glass out of my china closet, when I stubbed my toe on one of the pieces of the shelf. That was the first time it attacked me. I figured it was trying to send me a message so on Saturday, I decided to put it together. It wasn't easy. First you have to put together the shelves that make the cubicles, then you attach the outside framework. I studied the directions, and finally I managed to get it all assembled. It was when I tried to set it upright, that it tried to kill me. Once all eleven sections were connected, it was very heavy. When I tried to lift it, it slipped out of my hands and fell on my feet. Now I have a new shoe.

The doctor doesn't think my foot is broken, but I need to wear this shoe to give my foot extra support. I still like the shelf. It's going to provide lots of excellent storage space. I'm a little scared of it though. I'm even more scared of taking on the next home improvement project. After all, it was just two weeks ago that I popped myself in the chin with the pruning clippers.

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