Saturday, May 12, 2012

Farm Field Trip

Last Friday was our annual field trip to Living History Farms.  When I drove to school in the morning, it was raining, but fortunately it turned into a really beautiful day.  We did the usual tour.  We were disappointed when there was not a blacksmith at the blacksmith shop.  My little talk about what goes on there was not very informative.

As we were leaving the 1850 farm the guide let us know that the sheep were free, but not to worry about them.

They were up ahead of us on the trail.  They must have decided to serve as trail guides because they lead up all the way to the footbridge leading to the 1900 hundred farm.  She had to come after them to round them up.  She said they had never gone that far.

It was a great field trip, but I was totally exhausted when that week came to an end.

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