Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phillips Pride

1. The Book of Knowledge, 2. Phillips Pride Polo, 3. Phillips Rocks, 4. Phillips Staff, 5. Home of the Tigers, 6. Light Blue Tiger Paw, 7. Tiger Pride Zip Hoodie, 8. Right On Target, 9. Core Knowledge Polo, 10. Med Blue w Yellow, 11. Phillips Arch, 12. On the Right Track, 13. Phillips Tigers, 14. Tiger Paw, 15. Core Knowledge Denim, 16. Plaid P, 17. Phillips, 18. Phillips Rocks on White, 19. Walk on the Wild Side, 20. The Phillips Arch

This is my twenty-second year as a teacher at Phillips.  While I have not purchase a school shirt every year, I have purchased quite a few over the years.  Recently two of the PTA moms asked me if I would photograph my shirts.  They were looking for ideas for future shirts.  I have to admit, even I was surprised by how many I have acquired over the years.

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