Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo #286/365: Pillow Plans

My friend, Nancy, is a prolific quilter.  She is always planning a quilt, or cutting a quilt, or piecing a quilt, and usually she has several projects going at once.  She also uses her quilting fabric to make colorful pillow cases.  When her grandchildren come to visit, they pick out the pillow case they want to use.  At the end of the visit, they get to take the pillow case home.  What a memory maker!

Nancy gave me the pattern and taught me how to put them together.  I also found this website with the same step by step directions;  Sewing Seamless French Seam Pillow Cases.  I decided to start with colorful fall fabrics.  Just looking at the turkeys and Snoopy, makes me smile.

The finished pillow cases.

It was a quick project, and I love the finished pillow cases.  I went through my craft room, and found a pile of Christmas fabrics that I had purchased a few years ago when I was making quilted Christmas stockings.  I will definitely be making more pillow cases.

My festive pillow cases, just waiting for a nap.

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