Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photo #125/365: Core Knowledge Night

Tonight was Core Knowledge Night at Phillips! This is the night we celebrate all the great things we have done and learned about as part of our Core Knowledge Curriculum. If you're not familiar with Core Knowledge, it's based on the book Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch.

Since we are a public school, we also teach the regular school district curriculum, and now days we have Iowa Core and Common Core in there too. It's getting a little confusing, but as part of Core Knowledge we learn some great things. We study the American Revolution, Medieval History, we learn about world geography. Earlier this year we learned about Mountain Systems of the world. This month we've been learning about countries around the world.

We had lots of visitors in our room today. During the day students and teachers from other classes came to see our castles. Tonight we had families come to see our castles and our Glogs. We just finished our Glogs today. We embedded them into our Kidblogs, and I created as wiki called Explore Earth. This is the first time we ever made glogs.

The kids performed a reader's theater about Sojourner Truth, and the choir sang for parents. It was a really exciting day! The pictures here are of some of our castles, and the room as I waited for families to arrive.

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  1. Lots of learning going on in your class and school! So very wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing!