Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo #76/365: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It is already Thursday of spring break. This week is going really fast. I met Carrie for lunch at Jimmy John's. Unfortunately she was at the Jimmy John's in Ankeny while I was at the Jimmy John's in Altoona. Apparently my brain is on vacation. She drove down, and we did eventually get togehter. Thank heavens for text messaging, though I should read mine more carefully.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. Most years we have been in school or doing parent/teacher conferences on St. Patrick's Day, so celebrating the holiday in recent years has been rare. While in the past I have done the green beer in the beer tent thing, my celebration this year was pretty low key. I did decide to go up to Hy-Vee for dinner to eat their Irish buffet, which was more or less a mistake. The corned beef and cabbage wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I think I'm set for a few years. I found this pretty card in the greeting card section, but I was so cheap that I photographed it, but didn't buy it.

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