Sunday, July 24, 2016

Killer Book Shelf

I think I am going to give up on home improvement projects. They are far too dangerous for me. I bought a new shelf with baskets out at Costco. I saw it last year, but when I finally decided to buy it, they were sold out. Then two weeks ago, I noticed they had them back in. I came home to measure the space to be sure it would fit, and went back on Monday to buy it.

I was really excited, because the price had been reduced by $25. There was a manufacturer's rebate. The problems began when we tried to load it into my car. I had three people helping me, but it would not fit in my little Ford Focus. I finally took the pieces out of the box, and managed to arrange them in the back of the car. Once home, I carried the pieces in the house, one by one, and piled them in the dining room.

I didn't get the shelf assembled immediately, because on Tuesday we had violent thunderstorms and heavy rain. My mom had a lightning strike and power surge at her house, which burned out her garage door opener, internet router, both televisions, her DirecTV box, air conditioner and furnace. I ended up with water in my basement. The week has been spent restoring and repairing appliances at my mom's house. I also had to cut up and remove all the carpet in my basement.

On Thursday, I was getting a glass out of my china closet, when I stubbed my toe on one of the pieces of the shelf. That was the first time it attacked me. I figured it was trying to send me a message so on Saturday, I decided to put it together. It wasn't easy. First you have to put together the shelves that make the cubicles, then you attach the outside framework. I studied the directions, and finally I managed to get it all assembled. It was when I tried to set it upright, that it tried to kill me. Once all eleven sections were connected, it was very heavy. When I tried to lift it, it slipped out of my hands and fell on my feet. Now I have a new shoe.

The doctor doesn't think my foot is broken, but I need to wear this shoe to give my foot extra support. I still like the shelf. It's going to provide lots of excellent storage space. I'm a little scared of it though. I'm even more scared of taking on the next home improvement project. After all, it was just two weeks ago that I popped myself in the chin with the pruning clippers.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


It's only Wednesday, but I have already had two big accomplishments this week.  First and foremost, the sweater that I have been working on since October is off the needles.  Now I just need to weave in the ends, sew on the buttons, and block it.

The other accomplishment centers around my bicycle.  I bought a new bicycle and picked it up from my daughter's bike shop in March, but I have been less than consistent in actually riding it.  Sometimes that has been due to the weather, sometimes it has been hard to find the time because of gardening tasks.  Sometimes I just haven't felt like it.  I took it with me to Minneapolis over the 4th.  Lisa and I went for a bike ride, but a mile and a half in, I had a flat tire.  Yesterday I took it to The
Hub, where she works, and had it fixed.

Even loading it onto my bike rack has been challenging.  For that reason, I left it loaded on my car when I got back from Minneapolis last night, and today I went to the bike trail to ride.

I rode from Sargent Park to Copper Creek, around the lake, and back to Sargent Park.  I figure that is about six miles.  Yay, me!

I am really enjoying the peace and beauty of the bike trail.  I am so fortunate to have it so close to home.